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Improving Livelihoods in Indonesia

The Story

Elevate Indonesia is transforming the coconut and palm sugar industries by improving farmer productivity, creating employment opportunities for communities, and facilitating direct, long-term market linkages.

Our expert local team provides the following services to low-income farmers:

  • Training, innovation, and support to improve production volumes
    and qualities;
  • Improved cooking environments for cooks (typically farmers’ wives)
    through building and operating communal kitchens;
  • Access to financing through short-term loans, inputs and climbing
    necessities such as jerry cans on credit;
  • Direct linkages to stable, quality-focused, formal export markets;

We are currently working in East Nusa Tenggara and East Java with plans for regional expansion.

We follow sustainable supply chain practices and aim to catalyze industry-wide change in the coconut and palm sweetener value chains.

Our goal is to become a leading social impact driven palm sweetener producer in Indonesia.

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The Farmers

Despite growing demand for palm sweeteners and Indonesia’s economic rise, coconut and palm sweetener farmers are often left behind.

Palm sweetener farmers suffer from low incomes, lack of basic amenities, and poor nutrition. Harvesting coconut and other palm sweeteners is a physically demanding and dangerous career for climbers who climb tall trees to harvest sap from coconut and other palm flowers.

Cooking coconut and palm sap to sugar or nectar is equally unattractive, with high health risks to women and their families due to excessive smoke inhalation over long hours of work.

Since joining the Elevate project, we now have access to a stable market that offers competitive prices. We also appreciate the regular visits and training from field officers and the relationships they build with us and our families.

– Local farmer

The Products

Sustainably sourced high-quality products that transform local communities.

We are often asked by concerned consumers if our palm sweeteners contribute to deforestation of palm oil in Indonesia. The simple answer is NO. There are over 1,600 varieties of palm trees and the oil palm tree, which is the main cause of deforestation, is just one of many. The palm trees that we use for our products naturally grow in the areas we work in and have been doing so for thousands of years.

Organic Lontar Nectar

Organic Lontar Nectar

Organic Lontar palm nectar is a rising star in the alternative sweetener landscape. Manufacturers and consumers are turning to this sweetener because it’s GI (tested and confirmed by the Sydney University’s Glycemic Index Research Service), non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free.

Our organic Lontar palm nectar is harvested daily by smallholder farmers. Farmers’ wives cook the harvested sap in the Elevate-built community kitchen.

Our nectar tastes like raw honey. Within the coconut sweetener family, Lontar nectar is regarded as the most sustainable sweetener in the world. Lontar palms yield up to 80% more sugar per hectare than sugar cane and require less than 5% of the natural resources to grow.

A cost-effective alternative to honey and maple syrup, Lontar Nectar also has 80% less fructose than agave syrup. Organic Lontar Nectar functions as a 1:1 replacement for agave, honey and other liquid sweeteners.


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Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic coconut sugar is the perfect low glycemic alternative sweetener for your daily needs. You can substitute your cane sugar 1:1 with our organic coconut sugar which is highly nutritious, ecologically beneficial, and provides sustained energy with a similar taste to soft brown sugar.


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